Marshall, Missouri residents join hands during a Hispanic church service. The small, mid-Missouri town of Marshall is home to a large population of Hispanic immigrants.
 A priest begins the spanish-language ceremony for communion at a hispanic church service in Marshall, Missouri.
 A man bows his head in prayer during the Hispanic church service in Marshall, Missouri. The community of first, second and third generation immigrants at the service showed how large the population truly is.
 Attendees at a stained glass adorned chapel rise as they prepare to approach the altar for communion in Marshall, Missouri.
 Marshall High School, home of the Owls, holds a diverse mixture of students. Some students don’t know english well and require extra help from their bilingual peers.
 A “Don’t Tread on Me” flag waves from the back of a pickup truck in the parking lot of Marshall High School. This phrase, a historic expression of American patriotism and freedom, is ironically often used in racist and offensive manners.
 An immigrant woman who opened up her own restaurant in Marshall, Missouri starts her day by writing up a specials board.
 A restaurant owner and hispanic immigrant woman adorns her checkout register with goodies. She works at her restaurant every day to support her family in Marshall, Missouri.
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